Business segment

The catering offer is a key factor to enhance companies’ working conditions and performance.

Ansamble Maroc offers customized services and solutions for all companies in all sectors of activity.

Corporate & administrative catering

Ansamble Maroc is the leader in out-of-home meals and offers contract catering solutions for meals tailored to the company’s expectations and working conditions


In Morocco, Ansamble’s canteen offer is attracting more and more schools, colleges and universities.

Health & Social

The service expectations of visitors to a healthcare facility vary depending on whether they are patients, visitors, service personnel, or care staff. Each health facility’s life plan requires that the service be customized and adjusted to take into account the staff schedules, patient pathology, and any unique visitor demands.

Base camp

We support our clients from the design phase to the implementation of a base camp. Whether it is a mining operation, an oil platform, a construction site or a military camp, Ansamble offers a wide range of catering, restaurant, hotel and maintenance services in the most sensitive environments.