Base camp

We support our clients from the design phase to the implementation of a base camp. Whether it is a mining operation, an oil platform, a construction site or a military camp, Ansamble offers a wide range of catering, restaurant, hotel and maintenance services in the most sensitive environments.

Base Camp Design

We put all our expertise into the design of base facilities, offering our customers tailor-made solutions that are practical and adapted to their needs: design, installation and equipment, site management.


We pride ourselves on preparing fresh, nutritious and balanced meals in remote areas is our business! 

We take care of logistics, supplies, meal production and service, catering, take-away meals and entertainment.

Bar & Snacking, leisure and stores

Ansamble also offers comfort and leisure facilities in the most extreme conditions: bar and snack bar, media club, gym and a store for essential items.

Accommodation & Cleaning Services

Ansamble provides complete accommodation and cleaning services at the base camp, including

Cleaning of rooms, kitchens, common areas, housekeeping service.

Laundry service (special treatment in infected zone)

Site maintenance and upkeep of green space

Our teams ensure the smooth running of your facility and consistent quality of service through maintenance of air conditioning systems, carpentry, painting, electricity, plumbing, etc.

We also take care of pest control, industrial cleaning, and the creation and maintenance of green spaces.

Waste management

Ansamble manages waste at its facilities in an eco-friendly manner by adopting a waste management policy that encourages reduction, reuse and recycling (selective sorting).


They trust us

We meet the varied requirements of more than 150 customers throughout Morocco.