School and university catering in Morocco

In Morocco, Ansamble’s cafeteria service is attracting more and more schools ranging from elementary to high school as well as universities.

The ” LFI ” network and other independent groups first decided to test the Ansamble cafeteria in Casablanca before adopting it in other cities.

From the Casablanca cafeteria to the one in Rabat or Meknes, the Ansamble school catering concept is unique and has won over parents:

Offering menus developed in collaboration with dietician Kaoutar Janah, using containers adapted to younger children and a decoration that will whet the appetite of the most rebellious.

An original and recreational cuisine!

Lunch is an essential break in the school day made for sharing and fun. It is an opportunity to recharge and savor different flavors.

For lunchtime, we ensure that plates are colourful, the menu is diverse, and that there are some surprise events. School dining halls are bespokely designed and decorated according to the age of students.

A friendly atmosphere is guaranteed!

Our service staff plays a big part in children’s daily lives, for which they are thankful to share such special moments.
Knowing their preferences, interacting with them, creating a good atmosphere in the cafeteria. These are ways to make lunchtime enjoyable.

Priority to nutrition and health education

With menus adapted to each age group, our dieticians teach our young guests in the school dining hall good eating habits (National Health Nutrition Program).

Diversity is also an important key to nutrition. By integrating the discovery of recipes from all over the world, we allow children to broaden their culinary knowledge.

They trust us

We meet the varied requirements of more than 150 customers throughout Morocco.