Corporate & Administrative Catering

Ansamble Morocco is the leader in out-of-home meals and offers contract catering solutions for meals tailored to the company’s expectations and working conditions.

There is no standard offer, we offer a personalised catering formula for each establishment, designed to nourish, satisfy and make life easier.

Our services have the best value for money and are available everywhere in Morocco:

Self-service, table service, or fast food.

With an on-site kitchen or a central kitchen that ensures the distribution of meals.

Within the framework of a company or an intra-company restaurant.

Relaxation and pleasure guaranteed

In our corporate catering model, the employee is considered a guest. Their meal should be a moment of relaxation and escape, a breath of fresh air in their work day. With a choice of dishes and beautifully presented meals, everyone can enjoy the pleasures of fine dining and recharge their batteries during the meal.

Passionate about taste, confident about health

Regularly trained, our chefs use healthy and modern cooking methods that highlight the quality and taste of the products.

Taste yes, health too! In all of our company restaurants, meeting nutritional needs is a priority. With healthy menus, and calorie information, eating a good, healthy and balanced meal becomes a habit.

Flexible menus adapted to employees' lifestyles

Sports or shopping… The lunch break is also an opportunity to go about your business. For a quick but balanced lunch, Ansamble adapts to your employees’ lifestyles by offering take-out meals.

Anti-routine menus and dynamic restaurants

Soups in winter, cold meals when temperatures rise, seasonal, local or organic products, themed meals, exotic cuisine… our teams have the talent to arouse your taste buds and break the routine.

They trust us

We meet the varied requirements of more than 150 customers throughout Morocco.