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Welcome to Ansamble Morocco's new website.
Whether you are an employee, a customer, a guest, a parent, a supplier, or an Internet user, you will find information about our company, commitments, and services. Our strong desire to continue our development in Morocco aligns with our vision of being a true economic player for sustainable development. Our goal is to put our 12 years of experience in the catering industry to the exclusive service of our 150 institutional clients and 220 000 guests throughout the country! We go out of our way to satisfy them, whether they are a school, an administration or a head office, a public or private health establishment, a factory, a hotel, a mine, a detention center, a faculty, a training center, a highway fuel station, a logistics platform, etc. Above all, we owe this success to the professionalism, permanent involvement, and quality of our 2200 employees. But nothing would be possible without the many partners who have been with us since the beginning of the adventure and who have placed their trust in us: our suppliers, of course, our banks, the ISO certifiers, our advisors... Do not hesitate to contact us: There is nothing comparable to dialogue.
Enjoy your visit.
François Bonnot
President and Founder, Ansamble Morocco


  • To guarantee healthy, tasty, varied and environmentally friendly food, in order to earn the trust of our guests every day.
  • To take care of our clients’ premises and environments through our professionalism.
  • To have a positive impact on people and the environment. 
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Our values

Ansamble Morocco has been able to grow its social enterprise project thanks to a management approach based on clear values and a human approach to catering.


Treat everyone equally.


Develop each person’s sense of responsibility.


Honesty and transparency in our relations with our employees, customers and partners.


We are working together to improve the company, our customers, our partners, and our environment.

And because our economic development hinges on active solidarity, Ansamble is involved with local associations and NGOs to help the underprivileged and support their reintegration by promoting work and education.

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