Our corporate social responsibility

ANSAMBLE for responsible catering.

Our business philosophy is to impact people and the environment positively.

Ansamble is about being in harmony with our customers, employees, suppliers and environment.
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Our 5 major themes

to accelerate our commitment to responsibility

1. Respecting the rights of our employees and fostering fulfillment at work

At Ansamble, our primary responsibility as an employer is to respect the rights of our employees and continuously improve their working conditions.

Continuous improvement of working conditions and labor relations

At Ansamble, we comply with the law on health, hygiene, and occupational safety. We ensure the safety of our employees by deploying an active policy of training and prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

We promote diversity and equaĺ opportunities; we respect and value diversity of backgrounds, cultures and origins. This commitment applies from the moment people are hired and at all stages of HR management.

We have also set up a personalized HR follow-up program for our people; we favor internal promotion and support talent.

We aim to continually enhance the qualitý of life at work for our teams and the quality of relations with our suppliers by acting on the conditions under which professional relations are exercised.

We encourage social cohesion and strengthen the spirit of belonging.

At Ansamble, we are proud to see our employees mobilize for the company’s outreach projects around education, health, precariousness and the environment

Respect for human rights

  • Human beings are entitled to their rights without distinction of any kind, such as sex, color, language, religion, political or other convictions, national or social origin, birth, or any other status.
  • All forms of forced or compulsory labor are prohibited.
  • Child labor is prohibited.
  • We respect the freedoḿ of association and recognize the right to collective bargaining.

2. Promoting business ethics and principles of good governance

Ansamble Morocco also articulates its social responsibility around its suppliers and partners whose selection meets strict and transparent criteria. 

We promote business ethics, including healthy competition, by preventing price-fixing and geographic division between competitors for customers or markets. We also prohibit the sharing of confidential information.

We have put in place appropriate and visible means to combat corruption.

Our governance is transparent thanks to accurate accounting that reflects all of the company’s activities and assets. Ansamble’s executive appointments, evaluations and compensation are linked to measurable performance criteria.

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3. Respecting our customers' and consumers' interests

We respect the interests of our customers and consumers through our food safety and healthy diet requirements.

We ensure the safety of our products and services and consumers’ health.

We provide clear and accurate information about our products and services, composition, use, storage, maintenance, disposal…

We avoid misleading advertising claims and unfair trade practices.

Ansamble respects its contractual and quality commitments in all circumstances.

4. Reducing our environmental footprint

As an economic player committed to sustainable development, we are committed to preserving the environment. This includes the fight against food waste by intervening in the production process and the right dosage of quantities purchased.

We organize the collection of used oil from the restaurants in which we operate and ensure that waste is recycled.

We adopt best practices to reduce our water and energy consumption.

Ansamble regularly organizes waste collection campaigns on the beach and raises awareness among its partners and customers.

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5. Developing our commitment to the community

Ansamble Morocco is committed to contributing to economic and social development by promoting local employment and procurement.

We support suppliers who are committed to the environmental qualitý of their products and the working conditions of their employees. We encourage our partners to share best practices and respect social and human rights.

We ensure the accessibility of the company’s products of general interest.

Finally, we are involved in programs through our OCS Morocco Foundation, which finances and supports social projects for community development and the fight against precariousness.

Learn more about the OCS Morocco Foundation 

Ansamble Morocco has obtained the VIGEO 26.000 label for our level of maturity in CSR. A score of “Probable” confirms the societal commitment of our company.

The company is also in the process of obtaining the CGEM CSR label in order to strengthen its sustainable footprint around 4 key CSR themes: Education, Health, Vulnerability and Environment.