Our professional expertise

Our chefs offer traditional and innovative cuisine that seeks to meet expectations in terms of quality and appeal.


Catering is our core business. As an industry leader, we have extremely high standards of hygiene, quality and safety. We ensure that they are met wherever we operate, from company cafeterias to university hospitals, from school canteens to base facilities.

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Our top priority; ensuring food safety

In the catering industry, the health and safety of guests must be an absolute imperative.

Ansamble Maroc has a standardized system of procedures that meet the highest standards of Hygiene, Quality and Safety. The same applies to our rigorously selected and regularly audited suppliers.

We require biological analyses. Full traceability is organized throughout the production and consumption chain.

QHSE training is provided on recruitment and updated as part of our ongoing training programs.

Food Safety Plan: Ansamble Maroc’s FSP complies with current regulations (PMS) and is implemented by all our teams at all our sites.


ISO 22000 and HACCP certifications

In acknowledgement of its food safety management system, Ansamble Maroc received ISO 22000 version 2005 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification in May 2018. This demanding, globally recognized label rewards the in-depth work carried out by Ansamble Maroc teams in the field to control production in compliance with legal requirements for food safety management.


Central catering kitchen

Ansamble is the only operator in Morocco to use the “liaison froide” system: our equipment guarantees optimal food safety between our central kitchens and our customers’ restaurants.

Commercial catering

Retail Maroc, a subsidiary of Ansamble Maroc, was also set up to focus exclusively on the commercial catering business, with the aim of managing a portfolio of international catering brands.

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