Health & social services

Catering in healthcare facilities

Patients, visitors, care staff… the expectations of a healthcare establishment’s guests vary when it comes to service. Staff schedules, patient pathologies, specific needs of visitors: the service must be tailor-made and adapted to the lifestyle of each healthcare establishment.

Food speeds up recovery

Whether patients are admitted for a few hours, a few days or for a long stay, our meals must provide the qualities essential to their recovery. That’s why at Ansamble, our chefs and dieticians work in synergy.  They design balanced menus that meet the nutritional needs of each individual.


The goal: to fully integrate catering into the healing process.


Meals, a time for sharing and reassurance

If comfort comes in the form of appetizing dishes and varied, tasty recipes, it also comes in the small gestures that make all the difference:


A few comforting words at the time of service, special attention on a birthday… Patients’ recovery is our greatest reward.


Complementarity that eases the pressure on medical teams

Our teams work alongside the nursing staff every day in a spirit of partnership. They provide the guarantee of safe, healthy food from a specialized service provider. 

Ansamble’s services are transparent and integrated into the hospital’s project. Thanks to this complementary partnership, medical teams can devote themselves fully to their care mission, with complete peace of mind.

They trust us

We meet the varied requirements of over 150 customers throughout Morocco.